Acne Cure

3 Edible Acne Cures

When most people think about acne cures, they think of expensive products full of high tech ingredients. You probably never realized that some of the foods you eat or drink could help you cure acne. Here is a look at three edible acne cures that are more than just tasty to eat.


Yes, oatmeal makes a great breakfast and it’s heart healthy, but it’s also one of the best acne cures as well. It’s cheap, easily accessible, and oatmeal is well known for being great for your skin too. You can easily make an oatmeal mask with oatmeal and water. Apply to the skin and wash off 20 minutes later. It helps to moisturize, protect, and can help clear skin and cure acne.


Avocados are great for more than just awesome guacamole. Mixing some avocado with some water and applying as a mask to the skin can work miracles if you want to eliminate acne. It penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin and provides a lot of nutrition to skin as well. It can be used to treat and prevent acne.

Green Tea

Green tea has been heralded for it’s excellent health benefits, and all those antioxidants found in this tea is what makes it one of the great acne cures. Drinking the tea is definitely great for your skin, and applying tea to the face can help as well. The antioxidants help to eliminate free radicals that can cause acne.