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It seems to me that any acne product that works this well should get some recognition.  I’m surprised that more people don’t know about this product.  I guess so many people swallow all the hype about going to see skin doctors, prescription medicines, over the counter acne products or whatever else people are told to use.

Truth About The Acne Industry (Acne No More Review — Lies, and BS)

The reality truly is that there is an acne industry that is basically built up upon lies and half truths and they are making money hand over fist. They would rather people don’t know about simple natural methods to cure acne. But, when you think about it, natural methods are really the only way to go because acne is a natural imbalance. Natural always has the answer, in my book.

The acne industry thrives on releasing products that kind of, sort of work. Why is that? Well, consider this point, if acne was completely cured then they would be out of business. It behooves the acne industry to keep coming out with half solutions, so that we get “addicted” to the products and have to keep buying them to keep our clean somewhat clear.

Antibiotics Are Dangerous (Acne No More Review Spotlight On Doctors & Prescriptions)

And don’t even get me started on doctors, Accutane, antibiotics, and so on! While these medications do work they are outright dangerous. Did you realize that antibiotics use can make you sick in the future? Did you know that antibiotics kill the bacteria in our system’s indiscriminately both the good and the bad. All of this lowers our immune systems eventually and leaves us prone to other serious conditions. I’m sorry, I’m sure a lot of doctors are well meaning, but I just don’t buy what they’re selling. I personally had more problems after taking antibiotics than before, and it made me sick. That’s a little secret that nobody’s talking about. And again, talk about being reliant on meds, the minute you go off of the antibiotics your skin goes to hell.


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My Success With Acne No More – And Other Natural Methods (More Acne No More Review Info)

I have had great success with natural acne treatments, both from the Acne No More program (it’s power packed) and other natural methods I’ve gleaned from across the net.  I suppose I always knew that I could cure myself of my acne, I just didn’t know how until I started to dig.

What we all need is to balance our hormones, stop oil production, and cleanse our systems out.  Once we do this, there is no way we’re going to have acne.  Acne only thrives in an atmosphere that’s not balanced.  Mike Walden’s course speaks in depth about methods that are both topical and internal and does an excellent job of showing method after method.  He leaves no stone unturned. So, in review I completely endorse the Acne No More program and other natural methods to cure acne End Acne No More Review.

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4 thoughts on “Acne No More Book Review

  1. I purchased one for my granddaughter and she said it works for her! She is 17 years old and don’t own any bank a/c so no CC access for her. When she asked to use my credit card I was curious to see how a product can be collected from internet! haha. But once I see the system works I really impressed. Internet guys makes the life so easy!

  2. I completely got rid of mine with the help of Mike rather than just following the book literally. I think I was lucky as I asked him questions but most folks just don’t thinking their doctors know more than Walden! I always used to sport usually one big spot,after popping it, I could feel the next one forming, this went on for 10 years, it was horrible rubbing cream on to a big red throbbing round spot! Meh how can cream attack the pus that forms a spot? Not always possible! Healthy diet??? I must say eating 10 cabbages & 12 bananas a day won’t get rid of any kind of acne or spots. Eating 6 bars of chocolate or 6 bags of fries won’t give you spots! Actually I had an allergy to a chemical substance used in many many sauces, flavors and granular products. These chemicals are also used to bind some tablets together. Mike helped me to find out the root problem. I would say my bucks didn’t wasted just for this. I found out my allergy and now know what to avoid. I’m now 15 years pimple free. So to all who you are already using the book… “MUST CONTACT WITH MIKE IF YOU DON’T SEE SATISFACTORY RESULTS WITHIN MAXIMUM 2 WEEKS”! This one is the most precious advice on the internet.

  3. Hi Kathy, nice article. I just wanted to know whether the program works for female over 40 years old. I suffered from severe pimples when I was teen. After 20 I got rid of pimple specially using some Ayurveda remedies. Now I am 40+ and carrying my first baby and pimples again started annoying me! I talked with my physician and she said it would be better if I try any topical solution as this problem would go away after birth of my baby. Probably it was too silly for her to write down a prescription but I am stubborn that I would not suffer during 9 months of my pregnancy. If acne no more works for pregnant women like me then I am ready to get the program right now.

  4. Elsie of course it would work for you too. Women like you must not try any pill or treatment which might be risky during pregnancy. So I would strongly recommend you to use the program. Best of luck.. :)

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